T-Mobile wireless customers no longer have MLS Season Pass for free, but there are other ways to save on the Major League Soccer streaming platform. In the debut season of Apple’s service, having free access would have been a major bonus for T-Mobile users. There is no way of telling how many people used T-Mobile’s discount to watch. However, it is a major miss for the 2024 campaign.

Now, any T-Mobile customers will have to pay the base fee for MLS Season Pass, just like everyone else in the United States. That is $14.99 per month, and it is a separate subscription from Apple TV+. The annual option is $99, and that provides access to the entire season in MLS. If the person already has an Apple TV+ subscription, the monthly fee is $12.99. The annual option for Apple TV+ subscribers is $79.

To find out the latest offers, visit the MLS Season Pass website.

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Signing up for MLS Season Pass is simple. In 2023, the T-Mobile Tuesdays app had MLS Season Pass as one of its offerings. Given that T-Mobile does not have this free chance anymore, there is no special place to go for T-Mobile users. Therefore, all subscriptions must go through the Apple TV website or app.

Here’s how to get MLS Season Pass:

  1. Go ahead and activate the link for MLS Season Pass
  2. Sign in or create an account. You do not need to subscribe to Apple TV+.
  3. Register with payment information.
  4. Watch Major League Soccer.

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People looking to subscribe to MLS Season Pass do not need an Apple device. Smart TVs, laptops and Android phones are just some of the devices that MLS Season Pass is available on. With Android devices, there is no Apple TV app, which is where you access the service on most devices. Consequently, that requires users to go to their web browser. The instructions listed above will work in that regard.

Another offer to save on MLS Season Pass

As stated, T-Mobile offering an included subscription to MLS Season Pass was one of the best ways to save on the streaming service. As the third-largest wireless carrier in the United States, millions of people had the chance to take advantage. Now, those millions will have to pay the standard fee.

There are other ways to save, though. For example, if you are looking to get MLS Season Pass for free, points redemption in the adiClub membership can open the possibility. adiClub is the Adidas membership program that allows customers to earn points when they spend money. Users can also earn points by running or working out.

Using points in the adiClub, people can get a full season subscription to MLS Season Pass for 10,000 points. It is hard to quantify that many points. For example, buyers earn 10 points for every dollar spent. Therefore, the MLS Season Pass membership using adiClub points is the equivalent of $1,000.