As the 2022/23 Premier League season comes to an end, final financial packages are being divided between the clubs. Broadcasting revenue and prize money account for a huge chunk of change in the English top flight. In fact, more than $3 billion is set to be divvied up between the 20 teams. This includes the three relegation clubs as well.

Every Premier League team splits base payments of the broadcasting rights each season. This is worth over $100 million for the current campaign. Additional revenue is then added to each club based on how often their matches are selected for live TV.

Man City lead the pack in EPL revenue

Unsurprisingly, Manchester City racked up the most money among the Premier League clubs. The Citizens recently collected their fifth domestic title in six seasons under manager Pep Guardiola. In total, the club will receive about $210 million from the top flight division. This does not even include Champions League revenue. City have already guaranteed about $111 million for just making the tournament final against Inter Milan.

According to the Mirror, Champions League qualification could be worth around $124 million to each English club. This means that City, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Newcastle will soon be bringing in even more money. Conversely, Chelsea and Liverpool’s disappointing seasons will certainly have financial repercussions.

Relegated trio still set to receive massive payments

Recently relegated sides Leicester, Leeds, and Southampton are all set to receive more than $150 million each as a parting gift. However, the trio will obviously earn significantly less money in the second-tiered Championship next season.

Estimated Premier League prize money and broadcasting revenue for 2022/23:

  1. Manchester City – $210 million
  2. Arsenal – $208 million
  3. Manchester United – $205 million
  4. Newcastle United – $202 million
  5. Liverpool – $200 million
  6. Brighton – $197 million
  7. Aston Villa – $194 million
  8. Tottenham Hotspur – $191 million
  9. Brentford – $189 million
  10. Fulham – $186 million
  11. Crystal Palace – $183 million
  12. Chelsea – $180 million
  13. Wolves – $178 million
  14. West Ham – $175 million
  15. Bournemouth – $172 million
  16. Nottingham Forest – $170 million
  17. Everton – $167 million
  18. Leicester – $164 million
  19. Leeds – $161 million
  20. Southampton $159 million

Premier League TV revenue greater than competitors

Compared to LaLiga, as one example, current champions Barcelona received $170 million in TV revenue after the 2021/22 season. As you can see from the above top 20 Premier League list, almost every team in the English top-flight generates more TV revenue than the best team in Spain.

Photo: IMAGO / NurPhoto