ESPN+ is offering a discount that allows subscribers to get $20 off an annual subscription to the streaming service. The deal comes at a welcome time as the service’s price continues to climb. As of February 2024, ESPN+ has a monthly cost of $10.99. The annual subscription to ESPN+ is $109.99, a stark contrast from its beginning at $49.99. The most recent change happened in October.

Regardless, any chance to save on streaming is welcome in the modern world. New subscribers to ESPN+ can unlock access to the plethora of content available on the platform for $89.99 for one year with a new deal. The deal is a limited time, too, so jump on the opportunity while you can.

Subscribe to ESPN+ with $20 discount

Here is the easy guide for how to access ESPN+ and take advantage of the available savings.

  1. Visit the ESPN+ website.
  2. Click on the “Save Now” button
  3. Create an account with an email address and password. The $20 discount for ESPN+ only applies to new subscribers. Existing accounts do not have this option.
  4. Select the annual option when picking a subscription plan.
  5. Enjoy the content at a discount.

Note: The special offer ends on February 19, 2024.

You do not have to input any code or register for anything else. The $20 discount on ESPN+ is applied when you follow the above link and click on ‘Save Now.’

As stated, the annual option is also the most surefire way to avoid any further price hikes. Across the streaming world, price increases have become increasingly common. ESPN+, for example, has increased its price in both 2022 and 2023. Subscribing to an annual plan at least provides the security of avoiding a price increase in 2024.

It will also be interesting to see how ESPN incorporates ESPN+ annual subscriptions into the upcoming app that combines ESPN, FOX Sports and WarnerBros Discovery. In the Fall of 2024, those three media entities are releasing a joint venture that combines their litany of live sports in one service. There is no price point, but that is likely to be in the area of $50 per month, if not more. That is just speculation. Yet, the service does include a subscription to ESPN+, and ESPN stated that current subscribers will have the opportunity to bundle existing plans with this new service.

Additionally, Disney has said it is putting the ESPN TV channels, which are separate from ESPN+, on one app. That will likely add another expense for cord-cutters looking to have all the access to what ESPN has on its content library.

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What does an ESPN+ subscription get a soccer fan?

If you are new to ESPN+, there are several reasons to subscribe. There are NHL games, college sports and a host of other American sports. However, ESPN+ makes a name for itself in the soccer world for viewers in the United States. The streaming platform has access to every game in the Bundesliga and LaLiga. There is also coverage of competitions like the FA Cup and League Cup and plenty of other top leagues. For example, the Eredivisie is also available on ESPN+.

All of that is on offer for those who subscribe to ESPN+, and the $20 discount that brings it down to $89 for the year is a great way to save some money on the service.