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Wrexham helping to grow the reach of soccer in the USA

When hit TV series Welcome to Wrexham premiered in the fall of 2022, few could have predicted that the show would help grow the popularity of soccer across the United States. But indeed it has, as well as creating a passionate fanbase of Wrexham supporters throughout North America. So, what measurable impact has Wrexham had […]


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Wrexham to appear on ESPN SportsCenter and NFL Countdown

Wrexham fever is spreading across the United States in anticipation of Sunday's FA Cup game against Sheffield United. So much so that Wrexham will be on ESPN SportsCenter. There's no doubt that American soccer fans find Wrexham compelling, but ESPN plans to amp up the excitement Sunday with wall-to-wall coverage. Beginning Sunday at 9AM, ESPN's […]

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Bundesliga and ESPN paved the way for MLS-Apple deal

When the Bundesliga and ESPN announced a historic deal in 2019 to stream every single game from Germany's top-flight league, few could have predicted how revolutionary it was. The six-year deal to stream every game on ESPN+ was the first of its kind. So, imagine what Bundesliga and ESPN executives may have been thinking last […]


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Wrexham popularity boosts ESPN viewership in USA

The growing popularity of Wrexham AFC in the United States is boosting ESPN's viewing numbers for the FA Cup. The fifth-tier Welsh side has risen to global relevance thanks to the 2020 takeover by Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and the "Welcome to Wrexham" FX TV series following the club. Viewership for the […]


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ESPN+ to debut FA Cup whiparound show

For the first time ever, ESPN+ will now implement a whiparound show for the FA Cup. The new show debuts on Saturday, Jan. 7 for the 10 a.m. ET matches. Coverage at the weekend will consist of third round matches for the competition. Viewers can begin accessing the show at 9:50a.m. ET. All 20 Premier […]


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What soccer games are coming to ESPN+ in January

January 2023 brings not only a new year, but a return to consistent club soccer games on ESPN+. This includes league competitions, namely the Bundesliga and LaLiga. However, it also delves into cup ties. With the World Cup now in the rearview mirror, players are fully in the swing of the club season. Here are […]

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FOX Sports acquire MLS TV rights, says report

FOX Sports have acquired MLS TV rights beginning with the 2023 season, according to the New York Post. Reporter Andrew Marchand says that ESPN will no longer broadcast MLS games. Instead, FOX Sports have renewed its deal with Major League Soccer, and is set to broadcast a select number of games on television each year. […]


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ESPN unlikely to renew MLS TV deal, speculates industry analyst

Sports industry analyst Andrew Marchand believes that it's unlikely that ESPN will renew its MLS TV deal, which would be a huge blow to Major League Soccer. ESPN has had the rights to MLS in the United States since 1996 when the league launched. MLS TV deal: ESPN likely to take a pass, says expert […]

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Wrexham’s FA Cup game back on ESPN airwaves

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's Wrexham team is returning to ESPN airwaves. The Red Dragons are in the FA Cup Second Round, which begins this weekend. It's not exactly the World Cup, but for Wrexham supporters and fans of the Welcome to Wrexham TV series, it's a treat to see Wrexham on US TV. US […]


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ESPN E60 show details controversy surrounding World Cup in Qatar

ESPN explores the controversy of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in new E60 show. Qatar's World Cup is set to debut on Sunday, Nov. 6 on ESPN and ESPN+. The show airs at 8:30 p.m. and then subsequently be available to stream on ESPN+ after the initial airing. E60 is ESPN's sports newsmagazine television […]
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Does ESPN have the rights to the World Cup 2022?

For the World Cup 2022, many US fans would want to watch on ESPN. However, ESPN does not have the rights to air the 2022 World Cup in the United States. Those rights, as they did in 2018, belong to FOX and FOX Sports. FOX took over the rights to FIFA competitions following the conclusion […]