Fubo CEO David Gandler revealed some interesting developments in DVR technology. The streaming service exec recently spoke at the JPMorgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications Conference on Wednesday. At the conference, as reported by The Streamable, Gandler claimed that his company will soon unveil new upgrades to DVR.

“When all said and done, we’ll probably see some significant upgrades to the DVR that we probably haven’t seen since the advent of cloud recording,” stated Gandler. “Think about indexing all of your all of the videos in your DVR. So you can follow a team. You could follow a player. And you can follow a company. You can follow a politician. And all of this would be personalized for you.”

“Now we should know the types of highlights you like. Whether it’s interceptions or sacks, or whatever it is that you like, the machine should be able to really create a very efficient user experience.”

Voice recognition to be key in new DVR developments at Fubo

Gandler also went on to explain how voice recognition will change with Fubo’s DVR service as well. The exec said that users can ask their Fubo devices for very specific sports-related highlights based on games that they recorded. “You can say, ‘Show me every 3-pointer that was shot in the last two minutes of a game with a score that was maybe a 6-point game spread.’ You can ask questions like that,” Gandler continued.

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“You can also wait until the end of the season before the Super Bowl and say, ‘Hey, show me every pass that this quarterback has thrown on Sundays in weather that was below 30 degrees.’ So it’s a really powerful way to allow you to experience content, especially in an environment where you have hundreds of channels.”

Streaming service has unveiled user growth

Fubo recently announced that they had nearly 1.3 million paid subscribers during quarter one of 2023. This was a 22% increase in year-over-year growth. The company released its ‘Instant Highlights’ feature as well. Similar to an attribute on YouTube TV, it allows users to view highlights of selected clips from important moments in games.

The sports-first live TV streaming service currently has plans starting at $75 per month. This includes over 150 channels and 1,000 hours of Cloud DVR.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Levine-Roberts