Disney is looking for new ways to distribute ESPN to consumers, and it sees Apple as the perfect partner for that goal. Apple, which is the biggest company in the world, is in the hands of millions of Americans. If Disney can utilize that reach in any capacity for ESPN, the company can benefit greatly.

That is, at least, the hope of Disney CEO Bob Iger. Iger does not have any plans to spin off ESPN, despite several potential changes for the sports hub. For instance, the standalone ESPN app could help get the channel into households without the need for cable. Or, it could use Apple to promote its products.

A new report from the New York Post points out that tech companies, namely Apple, Amazon or Google as examples, could be Disney’s saving grace to help ESPN in terms of distribution. The report states distribution has been the catalyst for success in the media world. If people have the potential to use ESPN, they are, of course, more likely to use it.

The New York Post stated that the idea of ESPN being pre-loaded onto new iPhones is an appealing idea to Disney. The standalone service would be an app. If new phones already have it, potential subscribers to this service would want to check out what it has to offer.

Apple can benefit from deal with Disney and ESPN

This partnership does not just work for Disney and ESPN. Apple can further entrench itself into the sports media world. The media conglomerate’s current standing in sports media includes the record-breaking 10-year $2.5 billion deal to be the sole streaming home of Major League Soccer.

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Getting a partnership with ESPN can be a stepping stone to more sports properties. ESPN has several that Apple can look to help along the road.

It is important to note that there are no deals, no offers and no confirmation. The New York Post’s report demonstrates that Disney is considering tech companies to help with ESPN’s distribution. Apple provides an enticing option for all parties involved.

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