DAZN and Sky will return as the domestic broadcast rights holders for Serie A. The upcoming deal runs for the next five seasons. Therefore, it will expire at the end of the 2028/29 campaign. The duo is paying a combined $4.8 billion for the five-year deal. As a result, Serie A is pulling in $960 million per season for its domestic broadcasting rights.

Going against the grain of modern TV rights deals, this offer is below the current deal Sky and DAZN are paying for Serie A rights. Under the deal that expires in June 2024, Serie A pulls in $992 million from DAZN and Sky. By comparison, the Premier League is making over $2 billion for its domestic TV rights deals with a trio of broadcasters.

Currently, Serie A ranks fourth against the other major leagues in Europe when it comes to domestic TV rights. The Bundesliga and LaLiga both earn over $1 billion each season. Meanwhile, Ligue 1 sits beneath Serie A at $621 million earned per season on domestic TV rights.

The length of this new deal with DAZN and Sky is also on trend with other leagues signing new deals. The five-year deal with the two providers locks in Serie A almost through the end of the decade. LaLiga is also in an extended deal that lasts five years. However, not everyone is overly pleased with Serie A staying on these two providers.

Napoli owner slams DAZN and Sky for winning Serie A rights

Out of the 20 current Serie A clubs, 17 voted in favor of the offer from DAZN and Sky. Notably, one of the biggest critics was outspoken Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis. After the deal’s vote went final, De Laurentiis quickly reaffirmed his disdain for the two broadcasters.

“It’s a defeat for Italian football, with this offer football will die,” Di Laurentiis said. “Sky and DAZN are not competent, they are not good for Italian football. Italian football always thinks it needs to be supported by others, but the fans are the absolute asset of a football club. My relationship with the fans must be direct, not direct with Sky or DAZN.”

DAZN has various domestic rights in Italy, Germany and Spain. (IMAGO / Nicolo Campo)

De Laurentiis took particular exception with DAZN and Sky taking a lack of risks in how they broadcast the league. This year, LaLiga is undertaking change with coach’s audio and up-close cameras on the sideline. Additionally, fans have further access into the dressing rooms to see and hear how team meetings go before, during and after games.

“The entrepreneur must know how to measure the area of ​​risk, it is more convenient but this will never implement the value of Italian football. The value of Italian football comes through investments. Sky and DAZN don’t make any.”

DAZN to broadcast all games with Sky simulcasting three

In this new deal with DAZN and Sky, Serie A will be fully available on DAZN. The streaming platform will have coverage of all 760 games each season. Sky will have a total of 114 games. That breaks down to Sky airing three fixtures during each matchday.

This is the same format Serie A followed in the previous rights deal from Sky and DAZN. Therefore, fans in Italy will be familiar with how and where the matches air.

PHOTO: IMAGO / InsideFoto.