Streaming service competitors Apple TV+ and Paramount+ may soon become available in a bundle. The bundle would allow subscribers to gain access to the two platforms at a reduced cost. Currently, Apple TV+ is $9.99 per month. Paramount+ is slightly cheaper at $5.99 per month. There is also an ad-free option for Paramount+ that is $11.99. The combined price of the bundle would, therefore, be under the cost of $22 for each month.

The Wall Street Journal says talks between Apple and Paramount are still in the preliminary stages. There are limited details on what a deal between the two would look like. However, this does not indicate Paramount and Apple are merging.

Previously, there had been musings of Apple linking with other streaming services. For example, Apple had links with purchasing ESPN from Disney. This potential bundle between Apple TV+ and Paramount+ is just a way for both services to build their subscriber base and retain users.

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Apple and Paramount have worked together in the past, too, on something identical to this bundle. In 2021, Apple TV+ subscribers could subscribe to Showtime and CBS All Access at a 50% discounted rate.

Apple TV+ bundle with Paramount+ may help it catch up

That bundle in 2021 came just two years after Apple TV+ launched. Over two years later, Apple TV+ is still fighting an uphill battle to make a dent in the streaming market in the United States. Both Apple TV+ and Paramount+ have a market share of less than 10%. Even combined, Apple TV+ and Paramount+ have less of a market share than Max, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. However, both sides have increased their breakthrough into the streaming market in 2023. Both of these services increased their market share by 1%.

For sports fans, this is also a way to get Apple TV+ for cheaper, even if the Apple service does not have live sports. Apple does have the rights to Major League Soccer. However, MLS Season Pass is separate from a subscription to Apple TV+. Users of Apple’s service do get a discount on watching MLS Season Pass. Still, it is a separate payment of $12.99 per month even with Apple TV+.

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Therefore, a discounted subscription to Paramount+ is a great offer for soccer fans who may also want Apple TV+ for its other content. Paramount+ has live coverage of the UEFA Champions League, Serie A, international competitions and more. It is one of the biggest necessities for soccer fans in the United States.

Apple doing other things to grow audience

If adding the sports repertoire of Paramount+ is one step Apple is taking to boost the streaming audience, it is doing the same elsewhere. Apple put some of its original films in theaters before bringing them back to the streaming service exclusively. For example, Killers of the Flower Moon and Napoleon are both Apple movies that are raking in money in movie theaters. Then, these movies will come to Apple TV+, where more people will look to stream them.

With Apple also looking to add other sports properties, including rumors of the Bundesliga or Formula 1, the streaming service could be making waves in the sports world soon.