Former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has rejected an offer to become the US Men’s National Team head coach, according to a report in the French newspaper L’Equipe.

Zidane was offered the USMNT job after the recent 2022 World Cup. The French soccer legend rejected the offer, as well as rejecting offers to coach the national teams of Brazil and Portugal.

It had been reported that Zidane was hoping to become national team head coach for France. However, after France’s impressive run at Qatar 2022, the French Football Federation today renewed Didier Deschamps’ contract for four more years. Meanwhile, Zidane will hope to get the France job after World Cup 2026.

Zidane USMNT offer is a good sign

Despite Zidane rejecting the USMNT offer, it’s a positive sign for followers of the US men’s team given that the US Soccer Federation is not settling for complacency. It’s unlikely that Gregg Berhalter will have his contract renewed, especially as a result of the recent scandal. And it’s imperative that the US Soccer team is led by a world-class coach to begin the preparations in advance of co-hosting World Cup 2026.

Earlier this week, World Soccer Talk named Zinedine Zidane in our shortlist of coaches that US Soccer should hire.

So while Zidane has passed on the opportunity, partly because of his stubbornness in only wanting the France job, it does give us evidence that the US Soccer wants to make bold hiring decisions.

There are several world-class managers who are available for the job if US Soccer decides to reach out to them.

It also tells us that US Soccer is looking for options to ensure that Berhalter’s agreement isn’t renewed.

Meanwhile, US Soccer has hired Anthony Hudson as a temporary USMNT coach.