Interest has recently increased in TV shows around sports. From Formula 1: Drive to Survive to Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, we’ve been served with behind-the-scenes footage of many of our favorite sports teams. So when Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, and Eva Longoria teamed up to make a TV series about Liga MX club Necaxa, we weren’t completely surprised.

Like Wrexham, Necaxa is a team that has been around for a century or more. The club has potential but hasn’t performed as well as it can on the pitch. Therefore the club needed new energy, something to inspire their performances, and who else should be tasked with this endeavor other than the two people who have done the exact thing since 2020?

Reynolds and McElhenney have proven their success with Welcome to Wrexham. The Emmy award-winning docuseries released its third season in May and a fourth season is in the works. The untitled Necaxa series will likely adopt a similar style to the Wrexham show. Plus it’ll feature team co-owner and actress Longoria who also doubles as the executive producer. In essence, the individuals behind this project are experts in producing television and making smart business decisions.

Necaxa hoping to benefit from Welcome to Wrexham blueprint

Wrexham was once a struggling team and so was Necaxa. Therefore it’s likely the show will document the rise and revival of the team’s fortunes. It is a classic rags-to-riches story only that in this case, the team isn’t completely broke but rather on the verge of total collapse. Reynolds and McElhenney have already purchased a stake in the club and they now join Arsenal legend Mesut Ozil and Miami Dolphins Odell Beckham Jr in ownership.

The show will be in both English and Spanish so you can already tell they are anticipating global success. Much of the show will be unstructured likely because we have two comic legends of unscripted films. Reynolds has had huge successes in his acting career away from the business world. His upcoming movie Deadpool 3 is expected to shatter various records. McElhenney is also a successful actor and is widely renowned for the hit show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Hence, fans should expect more quality entertainment and humor in this new series.

Given their previous successes in movies and TV production, their input in the making of the Necaxa series could make it another hit show. The duo has cracked the format for reality TV, and they’ve seen something in Necaxa.

As for the production, this project will be a collaboration of various studios. Hyphenate Media Group, Maximum Effort Productions, and 3 Arts Entertainment have been tasked with making the show. If you have been following Reynolds for a while, you will know that Maximum Effort Productions is one of his various investments. This is what he used to make the various advertisements for his gin company which Reynolds recently sold for $610 million, earning him a profit, including Mint Mobile, of more than $450 million. Don’t be surprised if this show wins another Emmy. 

Photo: IMAGO / Agencia-MexSport