The World Cup 2026 brand has to be big. After all, the tournament is literally the biggest of all time based on a couple factors. There are three countries hosting, which is more than any other edition. Then, 48 teams are making the trip to Mexico, Canada and the United States to play that summer. That is a bump of 12 teams compared to every tournament from 1998 onward.

To commemorate the grandeur of the 2026 World Cup, that brand comes out on Wednesday, May 17, at 7:30 p.m. ET. FIFA is broadcasting the a star-studded show with guest appearances at that time live from Los Angeles. Coverage of this event is available via FIFA+, the governing body’s free streaming service. Additionally, the other 15 host cities for the tournament will have projections, events and digital amplifications. This celebrates the beginning of the countdown to the 2026 World Cup.

The first campaign for the tournament launched not long ago. The host countries and FIFA debuted the slogan ‘#WeAre26’ on social media. FIFA says this will “empower people, places and communities to play an integral role” in welcoming the new brand.

“The Official Brand introduces fans to the tournament’s new emblem, typeface and striking color palette, three exciting elements that will bring this tournament to life in the coming months and years,” said FIFA’s Chief Business Officer, Romy Gai.

“But, it also goes beyond that, as we open countless opportunities to local communities and our partners to integrate their own story. A local football fan, a global superstar or a famous location, the brand will spotlight distinctive aspects and highlight the inclusive and diverse aspect of the first FIFA World Cup featuring 48 teams.”

World Cup 2026 presents new brand after previous tournaments

Each of the three countries, individually, has experience hosting a World Cup. Mexico and the United States have both hosted at least one men’s World Cup. Then, Canada and the United States welcomed the women’s tournament. Each of those had their own specific brand and mascot.

Each of these has a specific brand, look and feel. Oftentimes, it embodies the culture of the country. However, given the diversity in the United States, Mexico and Canada, the brand must do well to embody all three.

Whatever the World Cup 2026 brand may be, it makes its debut this upcoming Wednesday. Then, it will be all over the place once the World Cup nears in the summer of 2026.