Sports Interactive (SI), the developer of Football Manager, has officially confirmed that players will have the opportunity to control women’s soccer clubs and international teams starting next year. This marks a significant enhancement to the longstanding video game series.

SI initially announced its intention to introduce women’s soccer into the simulation game two years ago. However, that is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. The project involved substantial changes to the game’s code and the establishment of a global data collection network. Plus, Football Manager secured new licensing agreements and modified graphics and motion capture models.

The developer released limited information about the project thus far. Still, SI has announced that Football Manager 2025 (FM25) will be a “true sequel” rather than a typical incremental update. They believe it is the opportune moment to provide clarity on the release timeframe for this exciting feature.

Studio director explains women’s soccer delays in Football Manager

A blog post by SI studio director Miles Jacobson answered the game’s critics.

“I want to acknowledge that since we first announced our commitment to introduce the women’s game back in July 2021, we haven’t provided any further public updates on the project which has led to speculation and some frustration,’ SI studio director Miles Jacobson said in a blog post.

“The facts are that we’ve made really good progress in many areas, including research, the match engine and translation. But there are other areas that haven’t made enough advancements, a lot of which are legal issues. The women’s game deserves to be the best it possibly can be when it is released – and the new graphics engine will help deliver that.

“Supporting us in bringing this project to life are some key people from inside the women’s game, who are passionate about helping us deliver the most authentic experience possible. We look forward to announcing some of those in a future development update blog.”

PHOTO: IMAGO / Sports Press Photo