Ted Lasso: an American coach in London brought a twist to the usually serious Premier League.

We laughed, chuckled and loved yesterday’s two short promos by former SNL comedian Jason Sudeikis as Tottenham manager Ted Lasso. Now even better news is that NBC Sports has released the complete, unedited 4-minute version of the new Tottenham coach in action, and here it is.

Ted Lasso comes over from the United States to take over as manager of Tottenham Hotspur. In a whole new world, Lasso struggles to keep up to speed with the ins and outs of what it takes to be a top-level manager in the game.

Watch ‘An American Coach in London’:

Ted Lasso: an American coach in London

In the summer of 2020, Ted Lasso the TV series was launched. This is the extended story of Ted Lasso: an American coach in London. However, this time, he is the manager of a fictional side, AFC Richmond. Lasso and the cast battle for survival in the Premier League despite no prior knowledge of soccer coaching.

The show opened with rave reviews because it provided a familiar feel to soccer. In fact, it became a household show for millions of Americans that do not even express interest in soccer, much less watch it regularly.

Moreover, the show debuted in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. With millions retreating to the confines of their houses, Ted Lasso elicited joy in a time that divided many people, both literally and figuratively.

It also benefits from the fact adult audiences enjoy the not-so-G-rated jokes. However, the overall uplifting message is one that families welcome.

Watch it with a free trial to Apple TV+ (and then it’s just $4.99 per month after the trial ends).