The soul of soccer in South Florida was completely ripped out of the region in 2001 when MLS decided to fold the Miami Fusion.

Twelve years on, it’s still difficult for me to write or talk about the Miami Fusion. It was a team that was so near and dear to my heart that when the team contracted, I cried. It felt like a divorce. To make matters worse, none of the fans — myself included — had a chance to say goodbye to the team, the players or our friends.

Last Friday, episode 11 of the MLS Insider was released, which features an interview with former Miami Fusion coach Ray Hudson as well as several other people who were close to the club. I didn’t post it last weekend because it’s still a very sensitive topic for me to write about. Twelve years on, I still haven’t recovered from the loss of “my team.”

But the video is well done and worth watching — no matter what club or league you follow. It contains an emotional interview with Hudson, who opens up regarding what was, and probably still is, the best team to have ever played in Major League Soccer.

Hopefully a new team will start up in Miami in the near future so that top flight soccer in South Florida can be reborn. But until then, all we have are the fond memories and a cruel, abrupt ending.

Skip to minute 8:50 to watch the segment.