After the first week of Copa America Centenario matches, the TV ratings show a clear winner in the United States with Univision averaging 2.8 million viewers per game compared to FOX Sports, which is averaging 831,100 viewers per game on FOX Sports 1 (and an average of 716,417 when combined with FOX Sports 2 ratings).

It’s no surprise that Univision is leading the pack given that the tournament features mostly Latin teams that are more appealing to a Spanish-language audience. Plus, Univision has the advantage of featuring more games on its over-the-air network while FOX Sports has preferred to feature most of the games on FOX Sports 1 (presumably in an attempt to boost the network’s fledgling TV ratings).

Also, not surprisingly, Mexico is leading the way with larger viewing audiences (and attendances) at games played thus far. In fact, more people are watching USA games on Univision than they are on FOX Sports 1, which is quite telling.

For Univision, the Copa America Centenario tournament to-date has reached 30.7 million total viewers, outperforming 2014 World Cup Group Stage among total viewers. Plus, the Mexico-Jamaica telecast out-delivered all four NHL Stanley Cup Finals matches to-date on NBC and NBC Sports Network among all key demos. Additionally, the telecast outperformed all MLB matches across all networks for the 2016 season-to-date.

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Here are the most-watched Copa America Centenario games on US television for the first week of the tournament:

Pos. Teams No. of viewers TV Network Game time (ET) Date
1 Mexico vs. Jamaica 5,400,000 Univision & Univision Deportes 10pm-Midnight Thurs., June 9
2 Mexico vs. Uruguay 5,100,000 Univision & Univision Deportes 8-10pm Sun., June 5
3 USA vs. Colombia 3,900,000 Univision, Univision Deportes & UniMas 9:30-11:30pm Fri., June 3
4 Argentina vs. Chile 2,900,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 10pm-Midnight Mon., June 6
5 Colombia vs. Paraguay 2,800,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 10:30pm-12:30am Tues., June 7
6 USA vs. Costa Rica 2,500,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 8-10pm Tues., June 7
7 Ecuador vs. Peru 2,400,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 10pm-Midnight Wed., June 8
8 Argentina vs. Panama 2,200,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 9:30-11:30pm Fri., June 10
9 Uruguay vs. Venezuela 2,100,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 7:30-9:30pm Thurs., June 9
10 Brazil vs. Haiti 1,900,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 7:30-9:30pm Wed., June 8
11 Jamaica vs. Venezuela 1,900,000 Univision & Univision Deportes 5-7pm Sun., June 5
12 USA vs. Costa Rica 1,600,000 FOX Sports 1 8-10pm Tues., June 7
13 USA vs. Colombia 1,536,000 FOX Sports 1 9:30-11:30pm Fri., June 3
14 Chile vs. Bolivia 1,400,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 7-9pm Fri., June 10
15 Panama vs. Bolivia 1,200,000 UniMas & Univision Deportes 7-9pm Mon., June 6
16 Brazil vs. Ecuador 883,000 Univision Deportes 9:30-11:30pm Sat., June 4
17 Argentina vs. Chile 862,000 FOX Sports 1 10pm-Midnight Mon., June 6
18 Mexico vs. Jamaica 779,000 FOX Sports 1 10pm-Midnight Thurs., June 9
19 Colombia vs. Paraguay 739,000 FOX Sports 1 10:30pm-12:30am Tues., June 7
20 Brazil vs. Haiti 624,000 FOX Sports 1 7:30-9:30pm Wed., June 8
21 Mexico vs. Uruguay 619,000 FOX Sports 1 8-10pm Sun., June 5
22 Haiti vs. Peru 613,000 Univision Deportes 7:30-9:30pm Sat., June 4
23 Brazil vs. Ecuador 598,000 FOX Sports 1 9:30-11:30pm Sat., June 4
24 Uruguay vs. Venezuela 589,000 FOX Sports 1 7:30-9:30pm Thurs., June 9
25 Costa Rica vs. Paraguay 516,000 Univision Deportes 5-7pm Sat., June 4
26 Panama vs. Bolivia 365,000 FOX Sports 1 7-9pm Mon., June 6
27 Ecuador vs. Peru 148,000 FOX Sports 2 10pm-Midnight Wed., June 8
28 Haiti vs. Peru 138,000 FOX Sports 2 7:30-9:30pm Sat., June 4
29 Costa Rica vs. Paraguay Not available FOX 5-7pm Sat., June 4
30 Jamaica vs. Venezuela Not available FOX 5-7pm Sun., June 5

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