After watching thousands of soccer games and listening to soccer analysts in studios around the world, we’ve compiled our list of our top 10 favorite soccer studio analysts.

When you think of soccer, who are the personalities in the studio that you tune in early to listen to, or to stick around for during half-time or post-match? Who are the men or women who add insight to the game?

To compile the list, both Kartik Krishnaiyer and I completed our lists of our top 10 favorites. For a more detailed explanation of why we picked the talent we did, listen to the World Soccer Talk Podcast below.

Here are our top 10 lists of our favorite soccer studio analysts from around the world:

Kartik Krishnaiyer’s top 10:

10. Brian McBride (ESPN)

9. Shaka Hislop (ESPN)

8. Jamie Carragher (Sky Sports)

7. Julie Foudy (ESPN

6. Gary Neville (Sky Sports)

5. Eric Wynalda (FOX Sports)

4. Taylor Twellman (ESPN)

3. Stewart Robson (ESPN)

2. Kyle Martino (NBC Sports)

1. Craig Burley (ESPN)



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Christopher Harris’ top 10:

10. Julie Foudy (ESPN)

9. Robbie Mustoe (NBC Sports)

8. Robbie Earle (NBC Sports)

7. Eric Wynalda (FOX Sports)

6. Michael Ballack (ESPN)

5. Craig Burley (ESPN)

4. Kyle Martino (NBC Sports)

3. Taylor Twellman (ESPN)

2. Stewart Robson (ESPN)

1. Gary Neville (Sky Sports)


Who’s on your top 10 list of favorite soccer analysts on television? Let us know in the comments section below.