Premier League legends Dirk Kuyt, Henrik Larsson, Ronald Koeman, and Dennis Bergkamp are planning to buy a club in England. They were unsuccessful in their 2019 effort to acquire Wycombe Wanderers.

However, they have returned with an all-encompassing strategy, this time with a fresh emphasis on clubs in the Manchester and Birmingham areas. This ambitious group isn’t content to just acquire a club; their goal is to completely revamp it, taking charge of everything from training to merchandise.

With their extensive backgrounds and distinct skill sets, every member of this A-list squad contributes significantly. Henrik Larsson is about to become head coach and hopes to bring his team-oriented, high-scoring mentality.

Known for his technical brilliance, Dennis Bergkamp intends to manage the institution and cultivate future stars. A key figure in the club’s administration will also be Ronald Koeman and his experience in management. Together, on-field performance and off-field sustainability will shape the selected club in a whole new way, according to their strategy.

What did agent Rob Jansen reveal?

In an interview with the KieftJansenEgmondGijp Podcast (via Daily Mail), soccer agent Rob Jansen said: “We are in the process of buying a club in England. I’m not allowed to say which club yet. I can say which group we will do it with. Ronald Koeman, Dennis Bergkamp, ​​Henrik Larsson and Dirk Kuyt.

“We are now looking at League Two or League One. We do this with some people around us and we also have the financiers. It doesn’t have to be in London. The plan is to manage the football club in the broadest sense of the word.

“So, the way we think it should be. Training, hospitality, merchandising, marketing, everything. We have a group, and maybe one or two more will join. The names I mention will also do a certain job within the club. Henrik Larsson would like to become a head coach. Bergkamp will set up the academy. And Koeman also comes over to do his things.”

How trio could shape English lower-tier clubs

The worldwide appeal and distinctive fan experience of English soccer led the business to decide to focus on that market. Their strategy is to target northern English teams in the Manchester and Birmingham areas in particular, where there is a strong soccer culture and a dedicated fan base.

The investors believe they have their money behind the initiative, thus this ambitious takeover should be able to pull off. Their dedication to discovering the ideal club that embodies their ideology is evident in the meticulous selection procedure.

Going from negotiating obstacles to obtaining governmental approvals—the road to club ownership is long and winding—but the payoffs might be enormous. Taking a club from League Two or League One and turning it into a footballing behemoth would be an incredible achievement for the group and a huge boon to English football.

This quality of club soccer has never been better than under Larsson, Bergkamp, Koeman, Kuyt, and Jansen’s combined coaching, academy concentration, and management supervision.