One year after Diego Maradona’s death, ‘The Last Days of Maradona’ will chronicle the legend’s passing on Spotify.

Everyone remembers their personal reaction to Diego Maradona’s death. After all, the Argentine left countless memories during his illustrious tenure as perhaps the greatest player of all time.

Of course, Maradona tarnished his athletic greatness with his issues following his career. A battle with drugs deteriorated his health that allowed him to dominate for years in South America and Europe.

Even then, his sudden death on November 25, 2020, shocked the world. There were questions as to how he died, what could have been done or how the soccer world would honor him.

Spotify’s The Last Days of Maradona works to answer these questions for its viewers.

The series premieres on Tuesday, November 23.

The Last Days of Maradona

At the time of his passing, Diego Armando Maradona was 60 years old. Sure, his state of health was far from ideal. However, no one expected his passing.

The last Days of Maradona chronicles various facets of Maradona’s life. For example, his award-laden career and his success internationally and at the club level get a look.

Yet, as the title would indicate, the series focuses on those days surrounding his passing.

Voiced in English by Thierry Henry, the podcast ventures through the journalistic investigation of Maradona’s death. Evidently, huge concerns arised regarding the care Maradona received in the days leading up to his passing.

Audiences will hear interviews, voiced text messages and records from those closest to Maradona, both in terms of family and healthcare.

In terms of the actual investigation, the breakdown comes from Mariano Pagella from Adonde Media. Spotify Studios helped to piece the full project together.

First-person testimonies and direct access to the most significant information regarding Maradona’s death allow for a complete look into what happened in those days.

If you are interested in the audio trailer for The Last Days of Maradona, check out Spotify’s brief two-minute preview. Again, Thierry Henry is the voice heard throughout the series for English-language audiences.


Spotify is likely not the first option soccer fans consider for their entertainment. However, The Last Days of Maradona resembles the quality of soccer content on the platform.

This is the first time Spotify is launching content into six different markets simultaneously.

English-language audiences in Europe and the United States have Thierry Henry as their voice. Of course, not everywhere speaks English as their primary-language.

Henry is also the voice for French listeners. Listeners in Maradona’s home country will be able to listen to journalist Matías Martín, while Spain and Latin America have Jorge Valdano. Italian actor Salvatore Esposito voices Italian, and Juca Kfuori voices for listeners in Brazil.

This series is only on Spotify. Based on the fact that Spotify helped produce the content, other podcast services will not provide access to the series.

Remember, the series debuts on Tuesday, November 23, almost a year to-the-day after the passing of Diego Maradona.