The rumors linking Sergio Ramos to an MLS move took a new step on Monday. Sevilla, the Spaniard’s club, did not provide Ramos with a new contract, and he is free to join any club at the end of his contract which expires on June 31. This puts into motion the ongoing rumors that link him to Major League Soccer. As a free agent, Ramos does not carry any kind of release clause that would otherwise hamper an MLS club from bringing him on. Now, the only hurdle is the contract that he may sign in the United States.

Major League Soccer, through the David Beckham Rule, allows several designated players. The current crop of teams in MLS can therefore give him a massive contract. Yet, it would only count for a certain portion against the team’s salary cap. That has allowed a club like Inter Miami to sign Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Luis Suarez without violating the financial rules of the league.

It is Inter Miami which has the heaviest links with Ramos. Even though the Spanish center-back spent the longest stint of his career with Real Madrid, he previously played with Messi at PSG. He was also a teammate of Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets with Spain while a frequent opponent of Luis Suarez.

Inter Miami has been the center of rumors that include both Sergio Ramos and players like Angel Di Maria. Yet, Inter Miami already allotted its three designated player spots. Those are for Messi, Busquets and Leonardo Campana. Ramos, with an impressive career resume, would be another player to demand massive wages. Luis Suarez and Jordi Alba preferred a positive playing experience, so they took massive pay cuts. For example, Luis Suarez is earning just $200,000 per year at Inter Miami.

Other MLS possibilities for Sergio Ramos

If Inter Miami cannot bring on Sergio Ramos because of contract concerns, other tempting options exist for the defender in MLS where he could be a designated player. Los Angeles FC could be one of those clubs. As of now, there is no link between Ramos and LAFC, even though the two had a connection in the summer of 2023. In the present tense, though, LAFC has open slots available for a new designated player. In the 2023 campaign, one of those was Giorgio Chiellini. As one of the best teams in the Western Conference of Major League Soccer, Ramos would be a natural fit. Additionally, the draw of southern California is clear for someone of star status like Sergio Ramos.

Other clubs have DP slots available, but Ramos would need to live in a location with draw. That is why Inter Miami was able to succeed, as the former Barcelona players enjoyed what the area of southern Florida had to offer.

Saudi Pro League remains an option

The other party to want Ramos is the Saudi Pro League. The big-spending division has not been shy to target defenders as part of its massive transfer strategy. If money were the biggest pull for Ramos in his next club, the Saudi Pro League would make the most sense. Perhaps a move to Al-Nassr to link up with another former teammate is on the cards. Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos go back to their successful tenure at Real Madrid, and Ronaldo is looking for more assistance to claim more trophies in the latter stages of his career.