The Welsh team’s recent rise to international prominence is largely down to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who have had an impact at Wrexham.

The 2021 acquisition of Wrexham by actor duo McElhenney and Reynolds generated a great deal of interest and media attention. But since assuming ownership, the two Hollywood superstars have made revolutionary changes.

After last season’s nerve-wracking National League struggle, they got Wrexham promoted to League Two. Over the last several years, Wrexham has become a global phenomenon thanks to the “Rob and Ryan effect”.

What is the “Rob and Ryan effect”?

Since then, the upward momentum that was created for both the team and the county seems to have only increased. Wrexham Council’s chief economic and development officer, Nigel Williams, elaborated on the club’s influence.

He also went on to discuss the success that the “Welcome to Wrexham” documentary series has been experiencing.

“It’s been a fantastic year for Wrexham with the interest we’ve had from the (football) club, especially – I call it the ‘Rob and Ryan effect.’ The impact it’s had, you just couldn’t buy it.

“We’re on the world stage. I’ve spoken to people who have been on holiday, and they see the Welcome to Wrexham posters all over Europe, North America and Canada. It’s fantastic exposure.

“When series one came out, the amount of interest took us by surprise. No one could have envisaged how big it would be”, he told the North Wales Chronicle.

What did Nigel Williams say about Wrexham?

Wrexham culture and the Racecourse attract visitors from across the globe, according to Councilman Nigel Williams. He has claimed the county has become a tourist mecca: “Some of the stories I’ve heard are unbelievable. People are saying they’re flying into the UK to see the sights in London, on to Windsor Castle and then up to Wrexham!

“I heard about one tourist from America who got a taxi from London to the Racecourse to get a shirt. He went and had a pint in the Turf and then took that same taxi back down to London – he just kept the meter running!

“And I spoke to a clothing shop in Wrexham who spoke to an American tourist. He said he’d booked a holiday to Thailand but flew into Manchester on the Friday, came to a Wrexham match on the Saturday and then went back to Manchester to carry on to Thailand after!

“I’m Wrexham born and bred, and I know what a beautiful place our county is. But these stories just blow your mind – and they just keep coming. Series two of Welcome to Wrexham has just finished and it’s really cemented Wrexham as a destination for people to come and see.

“The thing I like about the series too is that it’s ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ – not just the club. It shows all aspects of our community and has even touched on our coal-mining heritage.

“Series three is meant to be out [in 2024] and it’s just going to expand and grow even more. For the people of Wrexham, it’s all about making the most of it.”