World Soccer Talk is launching a brand-new feature to the website. It’s a weekly Reader Mailbag where you can post your questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them in a weekly column.

Listeners of the World Soccer Talk Podcast are already familiar with the Listener Mailbag segment. Listeners send in their questions on the latest TV and streaming news and what they saw over the past week of world soccer. That segment will continue on the weekly podcast. But the website’s Reader Mailbag is new.

Reader Mailbag works as follows. Post your questions in the comments section about anything in the world of soccer. TV and streaming rights, latest news and updates, hypotheses over the future of the sport, you name it. The Reader Mailbag is a way to raise your questions or comments that World Soccer Talk can answer.

Of course, World Soccer Talk is the leader in soccer media rights news. That is our specialty and expertise. However, any questions or comments you raise in the Reader Mailbag do not have to be solely about TV or streaming.

World Soccer Talk will then publish the answers in our weekly Reader Mailbag every Tuesday. That post will have answers or comments regarding anything and everything brought up.

Essentially, it is one big discussion to solve any queries the readers have.

The Reader Mailbag

Participating in the Reader Mailbag is simple. It is just the comment section. As this is the first post, you can leave any questions or notes using the comment section below. Then, on Tuesday, we will post the completed version of the Reader Mailbag.

From that point on, it will be a weekly discussion. For example, comments left on the Jan. 10 Reader Mailbag will be answered and responded to in the Jan. 17 Reader Mailbag. Then, it becomes a weekly post every Tuesday, giving you, the audience, a chance to take in all the weekend’s action and digest it.

Again, your comments can be anything related to the soccer world. It does not have to be just TV or streaming, although no one covers those topics as thoroughly as World Soccer Talk.