A soccer fan has been sentenced to two months in jail for storming the field and throwing a punch at a goalkeeper. The incident occurred last month during a Europa League matchup between PSV Eindhoven and Sevilla. During the match, a PSV fan ran onto the pitch and punched Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic. Sevilla went on to lose the match, but advance in the competition over two legs.

Home team condemned incident after match

Following the assault, PSV quickly condemned the ridiculous behavior. “This is not what we stand for at PSV,” proclaimed club general manager Marcel Brands. “We feel ashamed and there is no place for that type of behavior. We will consult the organizations involved to discuss how we can enforce stadium bans better, hopefully through reporting obligations.”

“All PSV supporter organizations, who cheered on their team last night, unanimously and explicitly distance themselves from this disgraceful pitch invasion.”

PSV fan to throw punch at Sevilla goalkeeper has hooliganism history

According to court documents, the man in question is 20-year-old Dylano K. Prosecutors in the case revealed in February that the man had two other previous convictions for soccer-relation issues. He was also under the influence of alcohol during the assault on the Sevilla keeper.

The pitch invader did not injure Dmitrovic. In fact, the goalkeeper wrestled the hooligan to the ground to incapacitate him. Stadium stewards then eventually escorted the fan off of the pitch and to the police.

“The suspect not only violated a stadium and area ban, he also went onto the field in a drunken state to assault a soccer player,” the court said. “This is completely disrespectful to the victim, the soccer clubs and all true supporters of PSV. In addition, the suspect was convicted twice in 2021 for soccer-related offenses.”

The man will now have to remain in jail for two months after conviction for assault. PSV is also under investigation for the incident and could very well face sanctions by UEFA.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Pro Shots