London (AFP) – Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola said Friday he will wait to “see what happens” following reports he has been named in a Spanish police investigation into the Catalonia independence crisis.

Catalan-born Guardiola has previously voiced his support for imprisoned Catalan politicians and for the past two months has worn a yellow ribbon to highlight their plight.

Asked if he was concerned about being named in an investigation, the City manager said: “We will see what happens.”

Catalonia’s separatists won an overall majority on Thursday in regional elections called by Spain’s government.

Guardiola, who defended Catalan citizens’ right to vote in the October referendum that was declared illegal by Spain, hopes this can pave the way to a better future.

“The most important thing is a lot of people voted, I think more than 81 per cent, so it’s really amazing,” he said.

“Now the rest of Spain must try to understand the reality that, yesterday, Catalonia showed clearly what it wants. Yesterday was a legal election and the people of Catalonia, with the vote, expressed what they are.

“What I want is the people who are still in jail to go out as soon as possible because it’s not fair, and the politicians can start to make politics. So, please, start to talk.

“Forget about the judges and try to do the best for Catalonia and Spain. That is what everybody wants.”