Premier League season ticket prices for the 2023/24 season have been released. So how much will is cost you for a full season of action in the biggest league in the world? Let’s dive into the numbers.

Season ticket costs vary substantially depending on the club and the location of your seats. Below are the season ticket prices for the upcoming 2023/24 campaign, sorted from the most expensive lowest-price ticket to the cheapest. Note that newcomers Luton Town, as well as Newcastle United, have not yet released their new pricing. We’ve converted prices from the British pound to US dollars.

Club23/24 Season Ticket Prices
(Lowest / Highest)
Arsenal$1,207.14 / $2,350.42
Tottenham$1,000.68 / $2,498.60
Liverpool$866.76 / $1,098.64
Aston Villa$756.40 / $1,071.36
Chelsea$737.80 / $1,165.60
Bournemouth$736.56 / $1,018.04
Brighton$700.60 / $1,109.80
Man United$693.16 / $1,237.52
Crystal Palace$675.80 / $1,109.80
Wolves$651.00 / $1,032.92
Everton$638.60 / $855.60
Nottingham Forest$576.60 / $818.40
Fulham$564.23 / $3,720.00
Brentford$519.56 / $680.76
Sheffield United$471.82 / $608.22
Burnley$415.40 / $620.00
West Ham$384.30 / $1,370.20
Manchester City$279.00 / $1,277.20
Luton TownTBA
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Biggest movers

Like most things these days, the price of most Premier League season tickets have gone up. The biggest overall price hikes are in Nottingham, whose cheapest and most expensive tickets have both risen over 20% in price for next season, compared to 2022/23. Fulham is offering the most expensive premium season ticket in the league, far higher than anyone else. The Cottagers cheap seats also have gone up, with the second highest increase in that category. The club’s entirely new Riverside Stand at Craven Cottage is set to fully open for the upcoming season. Owner Shahid Kahn has spent over £120 million on the redevelopment, and now some of that cost is being passed on to the fans.

Three clubs (Brentford, Chelsea, and Spurs) have kept prices the same for 2023/24 as they were in 2022/23. A few clubs have actually decreased their pricing for season tickets. Surprisingly, this includes three-time reigning champs Manchester City, who offer the cheapest ticket in the league at $279 for the season. It also includes just-promoted Sheffield, who will be charging fans 5-6% less than they paid in the Championship last season.

Best bang for the supporters’ buck

When you break it down to cost-per-league-game (19 EPL home games), here’s the five best values:

Club23/24 Season Ticket Price per league game
Manchester City$14.68
West Ham$20.23
Sheffield United$24.83

But who falls on the more dubious end of the table? Who has the most expensive least-expensive tickets? Here’s where you’d pay the most per Premier League game for a full season of sitting in the “cheap” seats:

Club23/24 Season Ticket Price per league game
Aston Villa$39.81

There are some big clubs on that list, which you’d likely expect. It’s $63 for the cheapest seat at the Emirates to see Arsenal. And remember, that’s the per game price for an entire season – a single game ticket will run you more. But for fun, let’s look at that table again, but with an added column:

ClubPremier League titles since 201023/24 Season Ticket Price per league game
Aston Villa0$39.81

We’ll let you decide whether some of these clubs have earned the high price tag they charge fans for season tickets.

Comparing to America

If you live in the US, odds are you won’t be purchasing season tickets for a Premier League club. But you might have season tickets for your local pro sports team. How do those costs stack up to Premier League season ticket prices?

Here’s sampling of pricing (most recent published pricing used for cheapest available season ticket) and how each league compares (note: since different teams’ season ticket packages may include non-league games, this shows the cost per regular season league game):

TeamNumber of Regular Season Home GamesSeason Ticket Cost (Total / Per Game)
Man City (PL)19$225 / $14.68
Indianapolis Colts (NFL)9$615 / $68.33
Miami Marlins (MLB)81$517 / $6.38
Memphis Grizzlies (NBA)41$645 / $15.73
Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)41$1,125 / $27.44
Philadelphia Union (MLS)17$600 / $35.30
Orlando Pride (NWSL)11$140 / $12.73
Tampa Bay Rowdies (USL)17$204 / $12

Of course, just like in the Premier League, season ticket prices can swing wildly on a team-by-team basis across the United States. But this gives you a rough idea of how things can compare. For the major American sports, the cheapest seats are usually the last rows of the upper deck. In soccer, you’re likely getting a spot behind the goal, possibly without a seat (in the US where safe standing is now more common). But in many US venues, supporter sections are general admission and you can often get right in the front row for the lowest price.

Overall, the cost for an entire season in the cheapest seats is in the same ballpark as the “Big 4” US sports leagues. A good chunk of Premier League clubs charge in that same $400-$700 range for their cheapest season ticket. Depending on the sport, you’re getting way more, or less, games for that money though.

Professional soccer in the US in general is a pretty decent value. That being said, the fact that you can get now get season tickets for arguably the greatest soccer club on the planet for a comparable price to an American second division team is absolutely crazy. To be fair, we’re cherry picking numbers a little, but still, it’s wild that that is a true statement.