Spanish authorities are now investigating foreign bank accounts linked with both Gerard Pique and Luis Rubiales. Pique previously starred in central defense for Barcelona between 2008 and 2022. Rubiales was formally the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and one of UEFA’s vice presidents. However, the official was forced to step down following the kissing scandal involving Jenni Hermoso.

It was revealed earlier in the week that Spanish prosecutors were looking into Pique and Rubiales on potential corruption charges. These alleged offenses pertain to the relocation of the Spanish Super Cup. The annual competition is currently contested by four of the top teams in Spain. This includes the winners and runners-up of LaLiga and the Copa del Rey. While the tournament is historically held in Spain, it was moved to Saudi Arabia in 2020.

In the recent investigation, officials searched various buildings for evidence in the case. This inquiry then led to the arrest of seven people. One of those to be detained was Rubiales. The former RFEF leader was apprehended soon after arriving in Spain from the Dominican Republic.

Judge orders investigation on bank accounts linked with potential corruption

Following the search, it was then revealed on Friday that bank accounts and records were being examined. According to the Europa Press, a company linked with Rubiales transferred over $600,000 to the Dominican Republic. This is particularly interesting considering the former soccer executive was arrested after flying back from the Caribbean country.

A judge in charge of the ongoing investigation, Delia Rodrigo, ordered the examination of 132 different bank accounts. Of these accounts, 96 of them are reportedly in the name of Pique. Rubiales owns the remaining 36 accounts. In all, these various open accounts are with 15 different banks.

Rodrigo called on a full transcript of these bank accounts beginning before the official agreement to move the Spanish Super Cup to the Middle East. “All movements recorded in these accounts – balance, income, and payments – since January 1st, 2018 until receipt of this order or until its closing date,” stated the judge.

News broke that, in 2019, Saudi Arabia was paying RFEF to host the Spanish Super Cup. The original deal reportedly cost the Saudi government over $40 million annually in a three-year agreement.

Additional former RFEF officials are also under the microscope

The news source’s report says that a company “whose primary partner is Rubiales” sent two separate payments to a Dominican outfit Francisco Javier Martin Alcaide runs. Alcaide, better known as Nene, is a close friend of Rubiales. These two transfers happened in late 2023 and totaled the previously mentioned $600,000.

The court requested additional financial information regarding Pique and his companies. Spanish authorities are reportedly sifting through a series of the former star’s bank documents between 2018 to 2022. Pique owns nearly 30 total companies.

Pique and Rubiales, however, are not the only Spanish soccer officials under investigation. Authorities are also monitoring several other former RFEF officials, including Tomas Gonzalez Cueto. Cueto was previously the organization’s commissioner of external control.