The first edition of the Women’s Super League stickers on Panini sold out fast with fans actively seeking the collection. The incredible response to the collection has led to stores and the Panini website selling out of the Women’s Super League packages. Argos, WH Smiths, Toys R Us, Smyths Toys, and the Panini website listed the product as sold-out.

The stickers first became available in December with fans having the option to purchase them both in-person and online. Both of those sold out, and now Panini is prioritizing the selling of the product in person. There is not necessarily a shortage of stickers, according to Panini. Instead, the company wants to put stickers on shelves so it can allow shoppers to see them in person.

The Italian company released a statement explaining its decision to put stickers back in stores.

“We have prioritised bricks and mortar retailers to make the product accessible immediately for collectors,” Panini said. “It’s been an incredible response and we’re delighted to have been able to bring this level of excitement and engagement to the first ever Women’s Super League Sticker Collection.”

According to BBC, Panini did not announce how many stickers or packs of stickers sold since their release last month. The only thing Panini would say is that it has sold millions of packs.

Panini Women’s Super League stickers feature the best from the league

Each of the packs Panini is selling has players from clubs in the Women’s Super League. Additionally, there are iconic players from the Women’s Super League and the rest of the sport. Panini is making a push to be more involved in the women’s game. These Women’s Super League stickers from Panini are the first to feature the top women’s division in England. Also, Panini sold sticker packets and books for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

The Panini sticker collection books started in the 2011 Women’s World Cup in Germany. The growth in stickers and packets coincides with the rapid development of the Women’s Super League. The English Football Association reported a 170% increase in attendance across the Women’s Super League. Clubs have even put games in the stadiums traditionally reserved for the men’s side. Arsenal put five games at the Emirates Stadium for the 2023/24 campaign.

Comparing the Women’s Super League to the Premier League

Those were successful, and the recent addition of the Panini packs for the Women’s Super League has been equally successful. However, it still fails to compare to the sticker packages regarding the Premier League. Panini’s sticker packs date back to 1970, but the Premier League remains one of its biggest selling points.

“The Premier League sticker collection has built its following over several years so is not comparable,” it added.

However, if women’s soccer can continue to grow, there is a possibility the Panini packs for the Women’s Super League can rival the sales of packages in the men’s game in the future. However, that will take time for women’s soccer to continue to grow in popularity as a whole.