Premier League outfit Nottingham Forest may be in serious legal trouble. The club owes millions in unpaid player and agent salaries.

As per the Daily Mail, several players who left the club during the summer were supposed to receive season bonuses by the end of July. That includes survival in the Premier League last season. However, the club has not fulfilled these payments as scheduled.

This delay in payments could raise concerns among affected players. Moreover, it may have implications for the club’s financial management and player relations. Nottingham Forest’s unsettled financial dilemma extends to outstanding debts.

The severity of the situation reached a point where some agents are considering legal action. This development may further strain the club’s financial position and create potential legal repercussions if not resolved promptly.

Nottingham added 30 new players last season

With the loans still outstanding, court petitions against Nottingham Forest are becoming more likely. After winning promotion to the English top division, Nottingham Forest spent big during the summer transfer window, signing 21 new players.

In January, the team increased by nine members, resulting in a huge payroll debt to agents. Six players departed on free transfers this summer. Late payments may have played a role in their decision to go.

Forest’s reticence on the topic has raised eyebrows, and their players are becoming more anxious as the end of August approaches and they still have not received their incentives. The team’s performance next season may suffer as a result of the financial pressure.

It’s been quite the quiet summer for Forest

Steve Cooper’s side has experienced a relatively quiet transfer window so far, with limited incoming signings. The only players joining the team have been Anthony Elanga, Newcastle striker Chris Wood, who was signed permanently as part of his loan deal, and Torino right-back Ola Aina.