Apple devices are a mainstay of US households. The portfolio of devices are so frequent around the United States, that almost a fifth of the population is an Apple loyalist.

Parks Associates, a market research firm conducted a quarterly survey of 10,000 US households analyzing if they use Apple, Google, Samsung or Amazon devices. The results found that almost 20% of households have three or more Apple devices.

Parks Associates labels any household that has three of one company’s devices as a brand loyalist. Therefore, 20% of households in the US are Apple loyalists.

This means that 20% of households have three of the following devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. The competing companies also had three or four devices analyzed in the survey.

Not overall domination, though

Twenty percent of the US households having three Apple devices is impressive. The loyalty and market penetration among Apple devices is certainly strong. That being said, ‘only’ 55% of people in the United States use iPhones. It has a majority, yes, but not a domination in the overall market.

Apple devices in US households could benefit MLS

Apple means a little more to soccer fans in 2023. MLS Season Pass launched on Apple TV on Feb. 1. While other devices can download the Apple TV app to watch MLS Season Pass, it is certainly more straightforward on devices like Apple TV, iPhone or iPad. For instance, there are only rumors of the Apple TV app coming to Android. For now, Android users must watch MLS Season Pass through their web browser.

You can now subscribe to MLS Season Pass to access exclusive content and team-specific coverage. Then, when the season starts at the end of February 2023, you get live broadcasts of games with multiple languages and commentary crews for every single contest.

Apple purchased the MLS rights for a record-breaking 10-year deal worth $250 million per season.