The inevitable question of Leo Messi’s greatness will surely start after Argentina’s 1-0 loss in extra time to Germany. Despite a few flashes of greatness during the final game in the 2014 World Cup, Messi was a shadow of himself in the second half, and was caught on camera showing a lack of respect for Argentina Head Coach Alejandro Sabella as he walked away from team huddles while the manager was talking.

Since joining La Albiceleste’s senior team in 2005, Messi has been unable to capture his greatness for his national team and it’s surely led to frustration for the 27 year-old forward. Tonight, however, we were able to see that frustration first hand.

While the rest of the team were resting and stretching before starting the 30 minutes of extra time began, it appeared that Messi took his water break away from where the rest of his teammates were sitting. Whether it was to think and prepare for the extra time or not, it sent a message to his teammates and to those of us watching on TV that there seemed to be a division between the player and the rest of the team and coach.

After the match ended, Messi was ice cold and remained distant instead of standing next to his colleagues or coach. While there’s no doubt that Messi and his teammates were angered and disappointed with the loss, the body language displayed by Messi didn’t show any team spirit or unity. It was one man against the world, or Messi against the Germans as Jon Champion had uttered only days ago.

Messi’s body language and sour face ended a sorry night for Argentina. Messi appeared to be miles away before the second place medals were even given out.

An already rocky relationship between Messi and his home country will surely be put to the test after such an emotional let down. However his body language tonight begs the question whether or not Argentina can find a coach to replace Sabella that can see eye to eye with Messi.