Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has compared trying to sign Jude Bellingham to a child wanting a Ferrari. The budding superstar will be targeted by big European clubs this summer, with a fee expecting to exceed $125 million. The Reds boss essentially confirmed previous reports that the Merseyside club can’t afford the Borussia Dortmund star.

Club has to work on a budget this summer

“We cannot have six players in a summer, everyone for £100 million,” Klopp told reporters on Friday. “We are not children. When you ask a five-year-old what they want for Christmas and they say a Ferrari, you wouldn’t say ‘oh, that’s a good idea.'”

“You would say ‘no, that is too expensive and anyway, you cannot drive it.’ If this kid is then unhappy their whole life because he cannot get a Ferrari, it would be a really sad life. You look what you can do, and you work with that.”

“What we need and what we want, we try absolutely everything to get it, but there are moments when you have to accept that this or that is not possible for us – you step aside and do different stuff.”

Klopp needs a complete overhaul in midfield, Bellingham would fit

There is no secret that Liverpool need to essentially completely revamp the middle of their team. The Reds currently have an aging midfield and need multiple reinforcements this summer. Obviously Bellingham would be an ideal signing for the Klopp, but one player won’t solve the club’s problems. They need to bring in a few top midfield options when the summer transfer window opens.

Klopp has previously addressed Liverpool’s financial plans in recent months. The club can’t get drawn into a bidding war with a player considering they need so many signings. Rather than dropping $125 million on a single player, regardless of how talented they are, the Reds need to make smart decisions looking ahead. This is particularly true considering they will most likely not play in the Champions League next season.

Real Madrid and Manchester City are seemingly the top two contenders to sign Bellingham this summer.

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