The San Siro is a stadium that both AC Milan and Inter share. It’s just another interesting wrinkle in what is already one of the most heated rivalries in all of football, the Derby della Madonnina.

In light of the growing challenges of updating the San Siro to suit modern standards, both teams have recently stated their desire to construct a new stadium. The future of the new stadium, though, remains hazy.

Why can’t Inter build own stadium in Milan?

Both Inter and its city rivals, AC Milan, have been actively promoting the notion of replacing the San Siro. Those initiatives, however, seem to have hit a brick wall. This does not exclude the possibility of a future joint or individual stadium construction project between the two teams.

They have both recognized the need of upgrading to a new stadium for the sake of aesthetics and financial growth. However, there is political opposition to tearing down the current stadium. Now, Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello has sent a dire warning to the politicians who are obstructing the new stadium project.

Nerazzurri CEO warns Italian politicians

“The administration has gone through all the steps and after four years we are still here asking ourselves if it is possible to get the all-clear for a stadium. Every year we lose 50-60m per club by not having our own stadium. These are resources we could use to reinforce the squad and compete on a European level.

“We need a stadium that is more or less constantly full, so 70,000 is the right dimension for Milano. I have been working on this project for four years. We want to do business, we will build a new stadium and if they won’t let us do it in Milan, we will go elsewhere.”

Original plans were to move out of San Siro in 2024. However, financial constraints and lack of commitment made both clubs stay at the stadium for the next couple of seasons.