The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has announced rule changes pertaining to goalkeepers during penalty shootouts effective from July 1st.

As per the new changes, goalkeepers will no longer be allowed to taunt the penalty takers in any way leading up to the spot kick.

Moreover, it is deemed that goalkeepers cannot delay the execution of the penalty by throwing away the ball, distracting the taker, or demonstrating behaviors that fail to show respect.

Keepers will also not be allowed to touch goalposts or nets per the rule change.

World Cup Martinez tactics outlawed

The recent developments will forever change how goalkeepers like Emiliano Martinez approach penalty shootouts.

The Argentine shot-stopper used mind games during the penalty shootout in the final against France in World Cup in Qatar.

Martinez threw the ball away before Aurélien Tchouameni’s spot-kick as the latter dragged his shot wide, leading to Argentina’s triumph minutes later.

Martinez also used similar tactics, including mind games during the semi-final of the Copa America in 2021 against Colombia, most notably when he saved Yerry Mina’s penalty.

Argentine went on to win the tournament in the final against hosts Brazil.

The rule changes are bound to make it skewed towards the penalty taker and take away any advantage the keeper might have leading to the kick. It is important to note despite Martinez using his mind games; the Aston Villa keeper saved four penalties in the shootout, two each in the final and the quarter-final against the Netherlands.

With the goalkeeper now keeping distance in penalty shootouts, it takes the pressure factor out for the takers.

Anger from goalkeepers

France keeper Mike Maignan has blasted the new rule changes and sarcastically claimed on his Twitter account that it won’t be long before keepers might have to turn their backs to the shot. The AC Milan custodian also said, “If the penalty is saved, the opposition gets an indirect freekick.”

The new rules mean that Bruce Grobelaar’s spaghetti legs, Jerzy Dudek’s body movement, and Tim Krul’s waiting at the penalty spot along with Martinez’s tactics, will be a thing of the past.

Photo: IMAGO / Sports Press Photo