In the last ten years, English football has seen an immense amount of money flow into the game, more than at any other time in the history of the sport.

However, the greed knows no boundaries. Instead, clubs are intent on finding new ways to generate more revenue. Often many of them are seeking new pastures where they can build larger stadiums to sit more paying customers.

When clubs do move to new grounds, they leave behind quaint stands, old turnstiles, cramped and often uncomfortable seats and tons of memories.

As a tribute to the former stadiums of current clubs, please watch this video aptly entitled “Buried By Progress.” The five minute video shows a slideshow of some of the old memorable stadiums such as Highbury (Arsenal), Burnden Park (Bolton), Filbert Street (Leicester), Ayresome Park (Middlesbrough), Roker Park (Sunderland) and many more.