It’s that time of the year when soccer fans start thinking about the new season and considering what fantasy football games to sign up for. One new game that you should definitely consider is Fantasy EPL Commissioner from FanXT, a fantasy football game with a twist that puts you in the role of a commissioner where you create your own fantasy league, determine the budget for each team, as well as customize several other features of your game.

While playing a typical fantasy football game during the season is enjoyable, it’s limiting. You play by their rules and modify your team throughout the 38-week season. But imagine being able to set your own rules – selecting what scoring system you want to use, adjusting the valuation of each player, determining how many teams can compete in your league, giving the league your own personal look and feel, as well as having the league hosted on your own domain name. You get to have complete control over your own fantasy league.

With your own fantasy league, you get to set it up exactly how you want it. Plus, you can invite your family, friends or co-workers to join and play. Just like the fantasy offering of traditional American sports, you can sign up to become commissioner of a fantasy game, but this time it’s EPL, your favorite soccer league.

I recently had a chance to sit down and play Fantasy EPL Commissioner. After you sign up for their free 14-day trial, the site walks you through a simple set-up where you select the name of the league, the domain name you’d like to use (for example,, the rules that you want to establish for the game (budget per team, which gameweek you want to start the season), the scoring, valuation of players and more.

After you’ve set up your league, you can go into your ‘Manage Members’ dashboard where you can invite your family, friends or co-workers. Fantasy EPL Commissioner does the work for you by keeping track of who you sent messages to and when it was sent, as well as the status of the invite and what their team name is after they’ve registered to play in the league.

In the ‘Design Settings’ section of the website, you can customize the theme of your league pages including uploading your own league logo, changing the background image, choosing a site theme and using your own banners (if you like).

Once your league is set up and your friends have registered, Fantasy EPL Commissioner includes some other unique features such as:

  • Fantasy notifications,
  • A message board (so you can tease your friends, or take their fun abuse),
  • Slice and dice statistics,
  • View the latest fantasy trends to see which fantasy football are trending,
  • And many more.

If you’ve always been looking for a fantasy football game where you can have more control, Fantasy EPL Commissioner is the game for you. The game offers a free 14-day trial (no credit card required). If you like what you see, you can sign up as commissioner for one season for $149.00 – you can always split the cost of the game with your friends or colleagues.

Fantasy EPL Commissioner is a one-of-a-kind fantasy football game. Try it today.