Fantasy Premier League is launching its Second Chance League during matchweek 17. Those games, which are on Boxing Day (December 26), mean any player has new life in their FPL campaign.

Also, it is a fitting addition given the massive hiatus in the middle of the season. The World Cup break took away some of the momentum of club soccer. However, the FPL Second Chance League allows soccer fans to get more involved with the game. Plus, you do not have to be a previous player of Fantasy Premier League.

All users, regardless of whether or not they had a team in the first stint of the season, will have a totally new league. Players start from zero, just like we did back in August at the start of the Premier League season. Then, you select a team given your funding, and you hope they get you points via real life performances.

Those that are committed to their current league, there is no need to fret. Those points remain in play, as do mini-leagues with friends, family, co-workers or like-minded people. This is just a way to be more involved with the league, while also bringing in a number of new players and users.

FPL announces Second Chance League

There are slight differences with the addition of the Second Chance League. There is no cup competition. Also, of course, the league is considerably shorter in duration, as we have already seen 16 matchweeks.

Finally, there is a new award that does not exist in the main FPL. The scorer with the highest point in a matchweek without using a token such as triple captain gets a prize.

However, the same goal exists. At the end of the season FPL gives the top five teams prizes, with things ranging from hospitality tickets with travel expenses paid for to games consoles.

The Second Chance League launches on Boxing Day, the same day that the general season for FPL returns to action.