The Fantasy Premier League season for the 2023/24 campaign is now available. That means Premier League fans out there can sit back and create their own dream teams within a fictional $100 million budget.

You can pick any Premier League player, including those that may arrive during the season, to create an elite XI. Then, that team’s in-game results earn a score each game. With 38 gameweeks, the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season stretches across the campaign. You can mix and match players, sometimes at a cost, based on their form or just how much you enjoy them.

Even if you are not a super-fan of the Premier League, FPL is a great way to get more involved. Sure, you may have one or two teams that you like to follow. However, this will give casual fans the chance to get more involved with the league. Not the biggest fan of Crystal Palace? Well, if you had Eberechi Eze on your Fantasy Premier League team a season ago, he ranked 16th overall in total points. FPL allows fans to get creative to maximize their points.

Join the WST Fantasy Premier League private league for 2023/24

With your team assembled, you can test your ball knowledge and prediction ability against fellow readers and followers of World Soccer Talk. In our private league, you will go up against big fans of the Premier League. The best part is that it is all for fun. You can try as hard as you please to rise to the top. Or, you can make it strictly casual and make sure your lineup is set before the games kick off.

For those interested, here are the steps to join the World Soccer Talk Fantasy Premier League:

1. Visit the Fantasy Premier League site and log in
2. If you’ve never registered before, click the ‘Sign Up’ button,
3. After logging in, select your team (you can always change the team selection later, so don’t worry about finalizing your team right then and there),
4. Click the ‘Leagues’ tab in the top navigation,
5. Click the “Create and join new leagues” button,
6. Click the ‘Join a league’ button,
7. Click ‘Join private league’ button,
6. Enter the code pfscfs and then click the ‘Join League’ button

You can also simply use our auto-join link that takes care of some of those steps for you.

Fantasy Premier League is free to play. And with our private league, which is one of the longest-running FPL private leagues in the United States, you can compete against fellow readers to see how well you scout the players in the league.

Best of luck to everyone who enters!