Referee abuse in English is at an all-time high. Players and coaches have been giving both officials an earful as they go against calls. That could include reaction to VAR decisions, missed calls or just general grievances.

According to multiple reports, the total fines associated referee slander within English is now past $1.5 million for this season so far, according to The S*n. Note that this includes fines in the Premier League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup. In total, 54 of the 92 teams in the English top four divisions have received fines. There are over 100 fines that reach that sum.

Fines come out for using inappropriate language towards officials or getting too aggressive. The most recent edition of these incidents came in the FA Cup quarterfinal matchup between Fulham and Manchester United. Aleksandar Mitrovic shoved center referee Chris Kavanagh after Willian and Fulham manager Marco Silva picked up red cards. Mitrovic also earned a red card for his antics.

The biggest ‘spenders’ in the fine market stemming from referee abuse are Arsenal, Manchester United and Everton. Each of those three clubs has paid the FA over $140,000 due to abuse. However, according to The S*n, the biggest single fine belongs to Manchester City. The FA fined City $92,000 for disorderly conduct on two occasions in the club’s win at Arsenal earlier this season.

English referee abuse most common in the Premier League

Those four clubs are among the 15 Premier League teams to pick up fines for referee abuse in the English Premier League. Total fines range from $18,000 to $227,000. The former is Brighton, and the latter is Arsenal. The only five clubs not to pick up fines this season for referee abuse in the English Premier League are Newcastle, Brentford, Leicester City, Bournemouth and Southampton.

The FA released a statement in response to what The S*n found.

“Referees and match officials play vital roles in our national sport. Any inappropriate behavior towards them is completely unacceptable. Players, coaches, support staff and club officials have a responsibility to treat them with respect, and action will be taken against anyone involved in English football where there is evidence that they have failed to meet that standard.”

PHOTO: IMAGO / Action Plus