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/ 183 days ago

English referee abuse fines hit $1.5 million in 2022/23

Referee abuse in English is at an all-time high. Players and coaches have been giving both officials an earful as they go against calls. That could include reaction to VAR decisions, missed calls or just general grievances. According to multiple reports, the total fines associated referee slander within English is now past $1.5 million for […]


/ 216 days ago

Tottenham fan fined $120 and given ban for kicking Aaron Ramsdale

A Tottenham Hotspur fan admitted to assaulting Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale following the North London Derby in January. 35-year-old Joseph Watts pleaded guilty to the offense during a court appearance on Friday. As punishment, Watts cannot attend soccer matches for four years. He also has been ordered 150 hours of community service and has to […]