If you’re a member of a soccer team, Miller Lite is offering you a chance for an exclusive sponsorship opportunity worth up to $1,000 toward custom gear. Imagine the equipment, clothing and gear you could get for your team with that amount of money.

Anyone with a soccer team in the United States can participate. All you have to do is submit your team’s application and you’ll receive $100 to start, and an additional $25 for every team member who registers.

To register for the opportunity, all you need to do is create and customize your team’s Pear page, and invite friends and family to join to support your team. When your friends and family complete a set of simple tasks such as liking a Facebook page or signing up for an email newsletter, Miller Lite will donate real funds to your team for every completed action.

All of the actions are free, and soccer teams get funds for custom apparel. The more that your friends and family support a campaign, the more funds your team will get for your custom gear.

Here’s more information about how the campaign works:

Most importantly, every team receives the amount of money they raise — whether you hit the target or not.

The offer is open to teams in the US. All team members must be age 21 or older. Teams will receive custom gear in approximately 2 weeks after the fundraising campaign ends.

Sign up today to get your team looking like one thousand dollars.