FOX Sports has unveiled a new World Cup TV commercial that features Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham to promote the coverage of the world’s greatest sports tournament that will be held on Russian soil this summer.

Other stars featured in the video include Joel Embiid, Alex Morgan and Evander Holyfield.

But in the entire 90 second commercial, there’s not one mention or graphic to let the viewer know who the host country is. It’s almost as if FOX Sports doesn’t want people to know that Russia is hosting the tournament!

In the video, it’s being targeted to sports fans that have no clue the World Cup is happening this summer (cue the opening lines of the ad that mention, “Hey, do you realize what’s about to happen this summer?”)

If you’ve been paying attention to the World Cup commercials from FOX Sports so far, you’ll recognize several of the scenes in the commercial below.