There are only 11 days (or 264 hours) between now and the beginning of Euro 2008, and it all seems a lot like World Cup 2006 all over again.To me, World Cup 2006 was the zenith of soccer coverage on the Internet. I watched all of the matches on a daily basis from my desktop (now that I’m no longer at that employer I can come clean and praise the efforts of our IT staff who diligently hooked up a satellite on top of our office building and then relayed the ESPN2 coverage to the desktops of the few soccer diehards in the building).

But I also consumed lots of excellent coverage from the Internet to help supplement my daily diet of World Cup matches. The four major parts of my diet during that glorious summer were the daily doses of (1) the Soccer Shout Podcast, (2) The Guardian’s World Cup Podcast, (3) the blogs from the Fox Soccer writers stationed in Germany including Oliver Hinz, Nick Webster and Jamie Trecker, and last but not least, (4) the BBC World Cup Blog.

Speaking of the BBC World Cup Blog, the Beeb has returned with a new blog, this time for Euro 2008. The BBC’s new Euro 2008 blog will include articles from a cast of characters including Gavin Peacock, John Murray, Jacqui Oatley, the one and only Fletch and many others.

A new feature that I’ll be looking forward to this summer is the acquisition of artist Paul Trevellion and his “You Are The Ref” comic strips, which will become a regular feature of the blog throughout the summer.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has already announced that it’ll be returning to the podcasting airwaves with a daily episode during Euro 2008. Now all we need is the return of Soccer Shout (c’mon Phil) and Fox Sports to get their act together so we can dream we’re experiencing World Cup 2006 all over again.

EPL Talk will be joining in the fun with our own Euro 2008 coverage from the expert bloggers (plus my coverage live from Switzerland for the Italy against Holland game).