Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid both say that they will not attend a LaLiga meeting next week. Held in Dubai, the league’s Extraordinary General Assembly is all set to take place on December 7th.

Both clubs, as well as the rest of the LaLiga teams, were notified of the meeting on November 25th.

Barcelona, Real Madrid claim ‘wrong time’ for LaLiga meeting

Barca issued an official statement on the issue. “FC Barcelona’s position has always been that of reaching consensual agreements after having examined the issue coherently and respecting all positions,” the statement read.

“For that reason, we do not believe it is the right time to travel to Dubai for an event which could well take place at LaLiga’s headquarters and once again we show our opposition to any form of action that we consider damaging to the rights and interests of FC Barcelona.”

Real joined their rivals in the boycott. “It is totally unjustifiable to address in this improvised and urgent way, without the appropriate debate and calm analysis, relevant modifications of the internal regulations of LaLiga,” claimed the club.

“It is completely inappropriate and deeply inconsistent for LaLiga to commit the economic waste of displacing more than 100 people to carry out an act of this nature, on these dates, to the United Arab Emirates, when it could be held at the LaLiga headquarters without incur extraordinary costs.”

Teams feuding with league over failed ESL formation

Both teams have had a rocky relationship with LaLiga since the duo attempted to form the European Super League. Barca and Real were among a dozen clubs that tried to form a new breakaway competition in 2021. However, heavy backlash quickly put the kibosh on the plans.

Nevertheless, Barca, Real, and Juventus have not given up hopes on the failed league. ESL officials have previously claimed that they will make another attempt at the competition by 2024. There is no indication as to potential teams joining the trio.