The promising son of the renowned striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Vincent Ibrahimovic, is causing quite a stir in Swedish soccer right now. The younger son of the former striker was summoned to participate in the U15 national team’s training.

Like his famous father before him, Vincent is a member of the AC Milan youth team and is tipped to make a name for himself eventually. But Scandinavian media went absolutely wild when the U15 squad began training in Sweden, mostly because Vincent was involved.

The moment he received the call, news stories began to circulate about him globally. He was responsible for a number of unusual happenings at the youth team camp. This included the arrival of media outlets to the boys’ training camp and the implementation of additional security measures.

What did Swedish coaches and media say?

Extra protection was required since the camp was invaded by dozens of journalists with cameras. The extraordinary quantity of coverage during youth team competitions just goes to show how much interest there is in the young Ibrahimovic.

“Journalists are not allowed to talk to him. The collective assessment is that he should not be available to the media. He should get as natural an entry into this environment as possible”, the Swedish Soccer Association spokeswoman revealed.

Vincent Ibrahimovic and his teammates were on the other side of the field from the cameras for warmups and the start of training. The 15-year-old demonstrated his potential in terms of playing abilities, as reported by Sportbladet. Despite being a central midfielder, he had a strong impact with a number of outstanding passes and goals.

Blue and Yellow’s U-15 manager Axel Kjall spoke highly of the player’s talent. “We have a camp with the aim of seeing players born in 2008 in action. Ibrahimovic is one of the 66 players who received calls to the camp.

“Based on the games I have seen on tape, he is a central midfielder a player, who has a good overview of the game, knows his way around the pitch, and is also a good finisher. I understand that there will be an uproar over the selection of Vincent Ibrahimovic. His father is one of the best Swedish players of all time and now it’s the first time Vincent Ibrahimovic is involved.”

But when asked about Vincent’s resemblance to his father, former senior Sweden manager Janne Andersson promptly dispelled the notion. “I have met him, but I have not seen him play. So, therefore, I cannot rate him. We shouldn’t make too big comparisons between them, I think, it’s not really fair. It’s obviously very exciting,” he said.

Who is Vincent Ibrahimovic?

Currently a part of AC Milan’s academy, he has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and represent Sweden. The Swedish public is ecstatic about the possibility of another Ibrahimovic wearing the yellow shirt of the national team.

Even though it’s hard to tell where a midfielder’s career will go at the age of fifteen, there are big hopes for him because of his family history. In fact, soccer prowess runs in Vincent’s family.

His older brother Maximilian is also a member of AC Milan’s youth squad. The Ibrahimovic brothers may be bringing in a new age for Swedish soccer by carrying on their father’s legacy.

Photos: Imago