Milan’s mayor Giuseppe Sala has suggested that Inter and Milan give the San Siro stadium another look and rethink leaving the project.

The two Milanese giants opted to cooperate on a joint effort in 2019. They planned to tear down the existing San Siro stadium and replace it with a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility.

However, this strategy encountered several bureaucratic roadblocks. Restrictions enforced on the new San Siro project in recent months owing to the site’s historical and cultural significance have dealt a fatal blow to the plan.

Both teams look elsewhere

The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is an Italian landmark, but unfortunately, it is in disrepair. Given that Milan’s city government controls it, the two clubs are unable to make any necessary upgrades, thus reducing their potential earnings.

Consequently, both the Rossoneri and the Nerazzurri chose to look elsewhere. All of the teams in Milan are now exploring potential sites outside of the city for their future stadiums.

While AC Milan want to build a stadium in the San Donato neighborhood, Inter have their sights set on a location between the neighboring communities of Assago and Rozzano.

Milan mayor has other ideas

However, the city mayor, Giuseppe Sala is reportedly still trying to persuade either of the two sides to remain at San Siro.

“We will do two things now, on the one hand, appeal (against the constraints, ed.), on the other we will invite the teams to think again about the possibility of staying at San Siro. We consider the restriction to be unfair, unfounded.

“The appeal is an act of protection because that’s economic damage to one of our assets, so if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t feel like I’m protecting the stadium. In addition, we are doing it because we see this constraint as a forced measure,” he is quoted as saying by Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport.

Photo credit: IMAGO / ABACAPRESS