The new 2023 AC Milan 4th kit has arrived, and it drapes the Serie A giants in pixelated perfection.

A collaboration between the club, Puma and Paris-based fashion label KOCHÉ, the new shirt would be right at home in an early-90s video game.

Iconic Milan red & black, but with a new twist

It’s interesting that this is a 4th kit, but looks so similar to the club’s standard top. Usually 2nd/3rd/4th shirts get a bit crazier the further down the line you go. This is certainly a bold design, but the colors make it unmistakably AC Milan.

The pixelated stripes fade away towards the top of the shirt, and go into a wild pattern towards the bottom (did someone win at solitaire on Windows 95?). The pattern continues onto the shorts that pair with the top, an unusual bonus – shorts are usually a solid-colored afterthought.

The team crest and sponsor trimmings are all in gold which is a nice fit for the reigning Serie A champions. The iconic championship Scudetto shield in the center actually takes away just a tiny bit from the visual cohesiveness of the top.

Apparently their is also a tie-in to a real-world video game. Special decals and wheel designs based on the top are coming to Rocket League in March. Per the club this is the first European club football kit to be featured in the game.

The collection also comes with a gold version as the goalkeeper kit:

The more subdued gold version is really quite nice as well, perfect if you don’t want to be too loud when out on the town.

Reviewing the 2023 AC Milan 4th Kit

The new shirt is a throwback to the early digital age, but fits into today’s world of Minecraft and the “Metaverse” as well. The pairing of the iconic colors and general spirit of the classic AC Milan top with an eccentric pattern is a winner. With different colors, the kind you usually see in 3rd or 4th tops, this kit could easily be downright ugly. But it totally works in red and black.

Grade: A-

The pattern gets a little wonky at the bottom of the shirt, but other than that, this is a cool take on a classic. It’s available at World Soccer Shop, and other retailers.

What do you think about this shirt? 8-bit hit? Or is it game over? Let us know in the comments!