New Camera Angle Shows Luis Suarez Biting Giorgio Chiellini In More Detail [GIF]

A new, better camera angle of the disgusting incident of Luis Suarez biting fellow professional Giorgio Chiellini has been uncovered, which shows more graphic detail regarding how intentional the bite was.

According to several different newspapers, Suarez may face a ban of two years that would prevent him from playing.

Suarez bit Chiellini during the Italy-Uruguay World Cup game. The incident wasn’t spotted by the match officials, and only minutes later, Uruguay took the lead and won the match 1-0. If Suarez had been red carded, that may have changed the complexion of the game entirely.

Watch the new camera angle of the biting incident here:

29 thoughts on “New Camera Angle Shows Luis Suarez Biting Giorgio Chiellini In More Detail [GIF]”

  1. You know it’s bad when even Ballotelli thinks Suarez behavior is over the top.

    Someone needs to bite him back. It’s the only way to stop this nonsense. I’d love to see what happens next if Suarez was to bite, say, Joey Barton.

  2. Just remember its not his fault tough upbringing, English press ,made fun of at school, add any other sorry A$$ excuse. Bottom line your dead to me will never waste my time watching you ever play again. For once fifa sack up and do the right thing and ban him for multiple years set a example.

      1. Please enlighten us.

        That’s right you can’t – there is no excuse or reason that justifies Suarez’s actions.

      2. just another delusional lfc fanatic. its okay ynwa will get you and your bum thru this bite scandal just like last time. hope you still have your ls support t shirt never thought you were going to have to use it again. :) CHEERS!

  3. Surely biting and being caught on camera doing it is bad enough and obviously shows poor mental health. But denying it and even suggesting it’s the other players fault should surely mean it renders an even harsher punishment.

    It’s his 3rd biting incident, FIFA should act and have him banned globally until Xmas at least, maybe longer.

    But it’s FIFA, they’re gutless.

  4. FIFA aren’t going to do anything like a 2 year or lifetime ban. Its going to be something between 4 and 10 games, he’ll miss the rest of the WC & a few friendlies, and that will be it.

    Barcelona won’t buy him because they want to protect their image (especially after the Neymar purchase debacle), and he’ll be banging in goals for Liverpool again next season, and all the LFC fans will be worshiping him once again.

    Just like the groundhog day movie.

    1. actually the games he is banned for Uruguay are for the next 9 official games (and any friendlies within the 4month period) which means he will be banned for the copa America.

      He deserves it – what makes it worse is that you have idiots who shouldn’t even talk in the situation like the Uruguay President denying there was even a bite. Full Retard Defence.

  5. I hate to say this but the only way to teach Suarez a lesson on this one is for someone to do an all out “Joey Barton” on him.

    In an upcoming game (whether club or country), a player has to go studs up on him right into his knee or ankle. This will no doubt injure him and keep him out for a period of time, but it has to be done.

    We should no doubt encourage this type of retribution, but if the governing bodies fail to act, or if Liverpool don’t have the good sense to terminate his contact, then something on this magnitude has to happen.

    The real shame of the whole thing is that Suarez is a great talent, but his antics give him a bad name and deservedly so.

    1. Are you genuinely advocating violent conduct by a player to somehow punish another player? Or is this a piss take?

      1. In a way, yes I am.

        Suarez’ conduct has no place in the game at all. He should be banned for at least 2 years. His contact with Liverpool should be terminated, and if he wants to play football again, he should have to go play in some Sunday rec league.

        If FIFA or the FA or Liverpool don’t do anything to ban this guy from playing, then a fellow professional player needs to take him out. That will be the only way he learns his lesson.

        1. I’m sorry, that’s crazy.
          I would have understood if chiellini had reacted violently, but to say that some footballer, who was in no way involved in the incident needs to become a hitman to teach him a lesson, is really no better than what Suarez has done.

          I certainly hope that now, or in the future, you don’t coach youth sports.

          1. why would liverpool purge their most valuable asset? he is still an unbelievable striker. terminating the contract is on par with saying that warren buffet should just go buy a ton of crack and start doling it out to little children…you’re a moron. and 2 years? maybe the ban i agree with, and yes i am an lfc supporter in case youre wondering, but at the end of the day a ban for world cup would be damaging enough, and everyone knows that would destroy him. add a few more games and that’ll be fifa’s punishment and it will be just. in addition, you’re advocating another player to take suarez out. so if fifa sanctions those actions, the very type of player they are trying to condemn is the one that they’d be supporting. you’re a moron…you don’t fight fire with the same fire, you fight fire with water, chemicals, cutting off oxygen aka in this analagy (since im sure you’re too dumb to understand) find a solution that suffocates the aggressor, taking away his oxygen (being his futbol) for his country. you are a moron, a disgrace and worst of all, waste of good oxygen, food and water

          2. John o shea – you sir are THE keyboard warrior of all keyboard warriors. Your attitude matches that of what Suarez physically demonstrates on the pitch so I can see why you take the stance you do.

            I think you may need to be medicated as well.

    2. I believe Kevin Mirallas already did that at Goodison this year. Wasn’t carded, wasn’t given the foul even though Suarez knee was bleeding. Made him ineffective for the rest of the match.

  6. Whatever punishment this guy gets should be severe from FIFA. List just goes on and on with this guy’s relentless cheating. 3 times biting someone. That’s holy trinity. Get this guy off the football pitch and as far away from our children’s watch as possible. This is not good for young kids growing up with the beautiful game. He is making this an ugly game.

    1. Leave cheating out of it because everyone does it, like it or not. If you are worried about influencing children then ban everyone who throws elbows when no one is looking, deliberate headbutts, spitting at opponents, spitting at officials, stomping legs when down, and so on. All these acts should not be exposed to our children. Nowadays children should not look to sports for role models. Better yet parents should use these incidents to reinforce to their children what is wrong or right.

  7. Not a bite. If you scroll down and look at the close up of the supposed bite marks on the BBC site the angle of the marks when compared with this video don’t even match. I’m saying the guy is a saint, but the angle of the marks on the shoulder compared with that video don’t work.

      1. Seriously?! have you seen those videos? have you ever bitten anything? That is clearly a bite. The guy’s been caught for this two previous times. its shameful and shows a seriously disturbed mind.

  8. He clearly commit a mistake there, but I think the punishment is way too exaggerate. Unless, of course, the punishments are applied equally for every soccer team. I’ve seen worse going on already in this world cup, and FIFA’s actions trying to avoid small countries from winning the world cup (in order to prevent the great downfall in the market it would suppose to have such a small territory for marketing) are more clear every year. To an objective viewer, that is. But european media made a go of it for rating, so now people that have hardly ever watched soccer are now talking about the incident like they knew what they’re talking about. Come on… “fair play” my ass. This cup’s sold out already.

  9. If a dog bites twice put it down. He obviously has mental problem and normal suspensions are not working. Suarez needs to seek counseling, biting is not normal adult coping.

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