Julian Green Has Decided to Pick USMNT Instead Of Germany, Says Source: Nightly Soccer Report

German-American winger Julian Green has reportedly decided to play for the US Men’s National Team instead of Germany, according to a report tonight in Bild, a German publication. Additionally, the USSF has confirmed that Green will practice with the USMNT in Frankfurt ahead of its upcoming friendly against Ukraine.

If both reports are true, this is fantastic news for the US Men’s National Team as it appeared likely that Green was going to select Germany as the country he would play for at the senior level.

However, the 18-year-old Bayern Munich footballer has reportedly been promised a spot on the USMNT squad for the FIFA World Cup 2014 if he selects the US as his national team. Say it’s so, Julian. Say it’s so!

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8 thoughts on “Julian Green Has Decided to Pick USMNT Instead Of Germany, Says Source: Nightly Soccer Report”

    1. Safe Standing is a total misnomer and an oxymoron, just like Clean Coal.

      But leave it to a Manc to back something stupid.

  1. I’m holding my breath that he files that one-time switch soon and this report is true. This is a huge development for the national team, an 18 y/o who makes the powerhouse Bayern bench on occasion. Especially with the Dempsey and Donovan era coming to a close, there will be a void left to fill in terms of marketing and star power from a fans aspect. Let’s hope Julian becomes that player and more for US Soccer. Welcome home!

  2. I don’t buy him choosing the US until he has filed his one time switch. He has only decided to train with the squad, won’t even be used in the friendly, but hopefully he likes the squad and decides to go US.

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