Revealing! Distribution of TV Money For La Liga Clubs Compared to EPL Clubs

The following two graphics show how the money from TV rights deals are distributed to clubs in La Liga compared to the English Premier League (EPL).

The first graphic shows the TV money distribution (in millions of euros) for the 2012-13 season in La Liga with Barcelona and Real Madrid taking far more revenue in comparison to the other clubs.

And then there’s the following graphic showing the TV distribution for Premier League clubs (in millions of pounds) in the 2012-13 season, and how it’s a fairer system than in Spain. It’s no wonder that La Liga clubs other than Real Madrid and Barcelona are upset regarding how the money is distributed in Spain.

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19 thoughts on “Revealing! Distribution of TV Money For La Liga Clubs Compared to EPL Clubs”

  1. While we all knew there were distribution disparities between the two leagues, the graphics are a great way to show just how bad they really are. No wonder other teams in La Liga don’t stand a chance.

    Thanks, Alex.

    1. other teams don’t stand a chance!!!
      How about Atletico Madrid in the semis. plus two other spanish teams in the Europa league semis???

      you guys make excuses but the bottom line is that the TV deals are NOTHING. do you have any idea how much money Barca and MAdrid spend and earn every year???
      This is like saying Walmart would be losing if it isn’t for Pepsi !!!!

      1. Yes, other teams don’t stand a chance. One other team, besides Barcelona or Real Madrid in the UCL semi’s once a blue moon proves the point. Barcelona and Real Madrid expect to be there year in and year out while everyone else can hope and prey to be there once a generation at best. There is an old saying that goes exceptions prove the rule.

        Mo if you don’t think TV money matters then you’re even dumber than this post implies.

  2. I agree with Guy here. We all know Real & Barca get a lot more money than anyone else.
    I think seeing in it a visual like this makes more embarrassing for La Liga.

  3. Just curious…. But what would the right split be? La Liga pays the people who bring in the money, people aren’t happy. MLS splits everything evenly and people aren’t happy.

  4. In Brazil the distribution is worst than in Spain. In season 15 Flamengo and Corinthians will recieve 170 Millions (Reais), the smaller 20 or 30 millions.

  5. I was surprised to see RM and Barca getting just about twice as much as Man U though. I would be interested to see the Bundesliga breakdown as well.

  6. I am surprised Atletico and Valencia are even within 1/6th of the hegemons as far as that goes. Would have thought the disparity was even more.

    Interesting idea for an article – comparative revenue sharing in various national association football leagues.

    Would be interesting to see how Serie A, Ligue 1, and various other countries do it.

  7. Minor but important point here. The graphs do NOT show that the EPL has a “fairer system” than La Liga. It is certainly a more evenly paying system, but that does not necessarily translate to fairness. I would say it is fair for teams to receive an amount proportional to the TV revenue they generate for the league (through TV viewership numbers). We would need another set of graphs, then, to determine fairness.

    1. This is a classic Catch-22 argument. Your club won’t get as much money because people don’t tune in worldwide to watch Real Sociedad, but the fact you get less than 10% of what the duopoly makes means that you’re never going to be able to compete to “earn” a fairer share.


    2. That’s fair enough as an argument, people want to watch you win, get rewarded! Young football fans are fairly fickle and will follow/watch a winning side. If the league is set up so that only 2 clubs have a realistic chance of winning, then they will get a lot of followers and coverage. HOWEVER, a league can not perform with only 2 competitive clubs and it is the competition which is what gets people watching. I think the EPL has the distribution split (%) about right – even though I think the value on the TV contract is OBSCENE. Its all you guys who pay your GBP50+ per month subscriptions that pay that fee…. which must make you sick when I get it for free!

  8. Big EPL teams need to take credit for being responsible. Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea could easily pick up 600 Million each a year with individual TV contracts as they have far bigger global fanbases. But they know like the NFL you have a stronger league with competition and get more money that way.

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