Arsenal Fan Loses His House In Bet After Manchester United Beat Gunners

A man in Africa lost his house this past weekend after his Arsenal team were defeated by Manchester United.

Before last weekend’s match between Manchester United and Arsenal, two men in Uganda placed a bet. Rashid Yiga, a Manchester United supporter, was so confident his team would win that he bet his wife and his Toyota car. Meanwhile, Arsenal supporter Henry Dhabasani bet his two-room house that the Gunners would win.

After Arsenal lost the match, Dhabasani fainted, according to a report. And then on Monday, several Manchester United fans stormed Dhabasani’s home in Iganga, in eastern Uganda, and threw him out along with his family.

In 2009, in Kenya, an Arsenal supporter committed suicide after Arsenal lost 3-1 to Manchester United in the second leg of the 2008/09 UEFA Champions League semi-final.

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7 thoughts on “Arsenal Fan Loses His House In Bet After Manchester United Beat Gunners”

  1. It’s never good to bet against Manchester United 😉 I’ve never understood why people make such ridiculous bets on anything.

    1. Oh, wow. I never knew just how much of a blunt instrument I am based on what club I support. Mind = blown.

      That’s a very stupid generalization, and it’s sad that you seem to have the majority vote to boot.

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