EA Sports Previews FIFA 14 For Xbox One and PS4 [VIDEO]

EA Sports today announced their IGNITE game engine, which will power FIFA 14 (and other games) on the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Xbox One is scheduled to be released later this year. FIFA 14 is due out in September, 2013. With the timing, FIFA 14 will be one of the first games available to show off the new games engine in the game and what the Xbox One is capable of.

According to EA, “With Human Intelligence, True Player Motion and Living Worlds, the way sports games are played will fundamentally change. EA SPORTS IGNITE is designed to harness the potential of next-generation consoles and will power FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, EA SPORTS UFC and NBA LIVE 14 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

Here’s the trailer for FIFA 14 NextGen:

Trailer for the Xbox One ‘Ignite Engine’:

What do you think about the next generation of FIFA? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

11 thoughts on “EA Sports Previews FIFA 14 For Xbox One and PS4 [VIDEO]”

  1. EA released a press statement about their new next gen FIFA.

    Next gen glitches, Next gen horrible servers, next gen career mode bugs, next gen disorganized menus, next gen laggy and disconnected multiplayer.

      1. Spot on. I love the games EA produces but the back end support is destroying what their developers are creating. Shocking online servers, constantly down, glitching, losing data.

    1. I will end up buying it. I hate that, but I will. My friends and I have been playing FIFA soccer games since ’98. I guess I am stuck with it because we all live in different areas now. To play online we have to have the most recent version which means I will end up buying a crappy rehash of last years game that promises amazing upgrades that only amount to frustration. It will take three months for them to get the online working properly and all the while epl talk will continue to write articles about how “amazing” it is. It’s life. I buy their product so I have a right to complain as a consumer but if I am not willing to not buy it, I have to just deal with it. Rant over…

  2. No complaints but to say, they really didn’t show anything yesterday. Too early to tell what the final product will be like.

    One other piece of news that DID come out is EA backtracked on saying that there will be no games coming for Wii U but hasn’t said what will be released. So anyone that still has a Wii U, there still may be a FIFA 14 coming


  3. I wish they would make FIFA 14 for Wii U. The Xbox One requires an Internet connection at least once a day to function I’ve read. Hope that’s not true.

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